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NOD Group

Release date:
Q3 2017

iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X


Regular price:
USD $3.99


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Steam Panic — steampunk puzzle game in which you spin the playfield to put yourself back together.


  • Award-winning tactile mechanics of a clockwork box: rotate the playfield with your finger;
  • 100+ intelligent puzzles with doors, saws, explosives and portals;
  • No ads or in-app purchases (there weren’t any back in 1935).
  • Starring the Shrodinger's Cat.


  • Excellence in Game Design — VK Fest 2017
  • Best in Show — VK Fest 2017
  • Best in Show — Starcon 2016
  • Excellence in Game Design Award Winner — DevGAMM 2015
  • Best Mobile Game Award Nominee — DevGAMM 2015
  • Excellence in Audio Nominee — DevGAMM 2015
  • Official Selection — Indie Prize 2016 Amsterdam
  • Official Selection — Indie Prize 2016 USA


Steam Panic — this is my personal story of losing a loved one. The story of a team developing the project in spite of everything for seven years. Now there are only two of us: the artist and myself. Being a game designer without a programmer, I had to rewrite the game from scratch in Game Maker: Studio. And then my mother died. That is how the main plot was born.



About NOD Group

Good day!

I'm Kirill Zolovkin, a professional game designer who has lost a programmer and learned to code by himself thanks to Game Maker.

A friend of mine, Sergey Tkach, is a web designer who has never done any graphics for games before.

We are from Karaganda, Kazakhstan, which is a real city, believe it or not.

Steam Panic Credits

Game Design, Programming
Kirill Zolovkin

Sergey Tkach

Sounds, Music
Vadim Kaipov

Special Thanks
Sofia Zolovkina
Vyacheslav Arkhipov