​As we become who we are


The other day I was enveloped in a nostalgic mood. And I decided to look in the old archives SteamPanic. This archive is already about four years. It was a time for generating ideas, selecting the direction of travel and the search for solutions to the mechanics of the game.

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​Our understanding of steampunk


The project #SteamPanic — it is field of continuous experiments and sharpening of details. In graphic execution we don't stop, until won't achieve an ideal look yet.

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​Beauty requires paws


Few art of the game development process.

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Поиск ушей


Итак, настала пора довести до ума логотип игры. Форму поменяли, сделали более похожей на кота, а уши не получились. Ищем варианты:

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Ещё кота!


Набрасываем идею логотипа:

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