​Our understanding of steampunk


The project #SteamPanic — it is field of continuous experiments and sharpening of details. In graphic execution we don't stop, until won't achieve an ideal look yet.

In dynamics — we won't stop, until we won't fix all "bugs" yet. But now I don't want to tell about our game realization. Today we tell you about steampunk world and how it can be systemized. #Steampunk — it is the fantasy genre demanding a certain graphic execution. So #steampunk is art style. So, #steampunk it is possible to divide into three eras, and every era includ three worlds.First era: times #Leonardo Da Vinci — early steam-engines, mechanical wings, leather wind bags and, of course, wooden gear wheels.Second era: The 19th century — steam engines, steam locomotives, the early industry, a conveyor, aerostates, steam adaptations everywhere (animated film "#SteamBoy").Third era: neosteampunk — the 20-40th years of the 20th — early electronics, lamp computers, steam robots, airships.Now about the worlds. First world: geosteampunk — the underground cities, travel to the center of the earth, digging cars on steam engines (the animated film "Atlantis: The Lost Empire").Second world: aquosteampunk — life under water, conquest of oceans, submarines, bathyscaphes (remember the first #Bioshock).Third world: aerosteampunk — conquest of air space, airships, aerostates, planes, the flying cities (and now #Bioshock-infinite)Every era, each world have the charm. #SteamPanic it is possible to carry to the 2nd era and first world. Remember this post when you meet the next work in a genre a SteamPanic.

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